The Systemic Cafe 27th March 2012 – Review by Declan Moran

The Systemic Café


Entry by Declan Moran – Family Therapist –The Lucena Clinic & Clanwilliam Institute.

The D4 Berkley Hotel is usually a renowned gathering point for the Leinster & Irish Rugby faithful. However on Tuesday the 27th of March 2012 it hosted a different type of gathering namely The Systemic Café. This was the fourth systemic Café to date and the topic of the evening was “Beyond stress, Therapists chilling out”.

Incoming Chairperson of the FTAI, Ms. Trish Murphy, hosted the evening and the guest speakers included outgoing chairperson Ms. Marie Keenan (Researcher & lecturer UCD), Mr. Dermot Coonan (Counseling Psychologist at Trinity College) & Ms. Michelle Magill (founder of MELT In Temple Bar, Sculptor & Chinese herbalist).

On this occasion the speakers & audience appeared at one and a most interesting personal account of how stress is viewed experienced & managed ensued. It was my experience that the multitude of layers & ideas explored helped to ignite the systemic mind (similar to that of a systemic team in session). Whilst the conversation is too vast to summarize on a website, a common theme of caring for oneself emerged & are evident in the following themes that weaved through this gorgeous Tuesday evening;

“May I be well”

“You are obliged to mind ones heart”

“Mindfulness & prayer”

“Relinquishing ones worry & stress to a higher power”

“Cultural views on stress”


After a long busy day at work the last place you may wish to go is the Systemic Café –Ironically it is just what you need!


Declan Moran- Family Therapist