Family therapists work with the person(s) in the context of their whole lives and take into account a persons relationships, internal dialogue, history, work and social settings.

The aim is to assist the person, couple or family to come to their own satisfactory understandings or actions that will allow them to manage whatever issue troubles them.

While family therapists operate mostly on a brief therapy basis, many people choose medium to long-term therapy and it is common for people to re-connect for short periods at specific points in their lives.

The sessions are client led – and the therapist aims to engage the client in a conversation that offers the person, couple or family alternative stories or descriptions to the perhaps ‘stuck’ or ‘pathological’ one they currently find themselves in.

The current Executive Committee of the FTAI is as follows:

Executive Committee of the FTAI 2023

Mary Moriarty                             Chairperson
Maureen Treanor                       Vice-Chair/Company Secretary

Triona Cullen

Eileen Finnegan

Lana Galkovskaja

Fidelma Healy                      

Angie McLaughlin

Laura Pearson

Nivard Whelan