Family Therapy Association of Ireland Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza

The Family Therapy Association of Ireland, (FTAI), is committed to upholding equal human rights for everyone which compels us to voice our horror at what is occurring in Gaza. We also acknowledge, and condemn the devastation wrought on the Israeli people on October 7th, 2023, by Hamas and the continuing distress as loved ones await the release of the remaining hostages held in Gaza. However, nothing can justify what the world is currently witnessing in Gaza.
As systemic therapists we are acutely aware of how dominant prejudicial narratives from those in power, can lead to the dehumanisation of and justification for the indiscriminate killing of people. This is the case currently in Gaza which has led to  South Africa bringing a case to the ICJ, arguing that this is a genocide, and the ICJ in turn has ruled that Israel has a case to answer.  

As mental health professionals, we must declare our deep concern for the unimaginable grief, due to the loss of entire families and extended families, and the effects of this war on the mental health of the Palestinian people. We understand the wide-ranging impact of trauma on individuals, families, and societies which research shows continues epigenetically for generations.

As the death toll of innocent civilians increases, and as famine and starvation has become a reality, we are compelled to protest at the disproportionate effects of the military onslaught on the lives of many innocent people. We are particularly horrified at the multiple deaths of women, and children. Many children are now orphaned, maimed, and traumatised, while still being bombed. Mental health workers, as well as other medical professionals, bravely continue to work in Gaza, and they do so in the face of fear for their lives and their families’ safety.

To those in Israel who do not support this war on Gaza we stand in solidarity with you.

The Family Therapy Association of Ireland adds its voice to the national and international calls for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza, where all sides commit to talks that lead to a negotiated sustained settlement.