FTAI registered members are uniquely qualified and trained to work with couples on relationship issues.  The training entails live supervision of couple and family work over the span of the post-graduate period- up to 5 years.

Therapists are trained to work with couples on a huge range of issues including: affairs, separation, intimacy, conflict, bereavement, in-laws, dissatisfaction parenting, depression, stress, mental health issues etc.

For further specifications see the pull-down menu to find a therapist close to you and who specialised in your particular issue.

Many couples suffer for years before seeking help.  It is important to address issues before they become engrained in the relationship.  Couples counselling can help bring out the issues and explore ways of addressing and alleviating the problems that cause so much suffering.

FTAI therapists tend to work on a brief/short term basis with people and are open to both individual and joint sessions with couples.