• Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre

    The FTSRC develops, supports and promotes research in the systemic family therapy field, as a complement to the work of the Academic & Research Committee of the Association for Family Therapy.

    The FTSCR is  based at the Tavistock Clinic, an NHS Foundation Trust and national centre of training, where a well-established and thriving doctoral research programme for qualified systemic psychotherapists has been running for over a decade.

    • They are creating a comprehensive database of research undertaken by, and relevant to, systemic and family therapists.
    • They circulate information about family therapy research seminars, conferences and funding opportunities. (To join our distribution list, click here).
    • They organise seminars and workshops to promote and develop new research ideas and methodologies, to encourage first-time researchers and to facilitate applications for research funding.
    • They aim to provide a networking function, to link current and would-be researchers. 

    If FTAI members wish to join the distribution list, please click on the following link http://www.uel-ftsrc.org/contact.htm

    The website address for the FTSCR is   http://www.uel-ftsrc.org/