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Who We Are

The Family Therapy Association of Ireland FTAI is the professional organisation which represents family therapy and therapists in Ireland.

We connect those who seek the professional services of a family therapist with our qualified, experienced, practicing therapists.

The FTAI is a registering body, with a code of ethics that sets professional standards in order to encourage and maintain best practice among therapists and provide clients and patients with the confidence and reassurance that their therapist is well-trained and experienced.
Below please find a list of issues addressed:

 Abuse Issues
 Addictions
 Adolescent/Teenager problems
 Anger Management
 Anxiety
 Bereavement & Feelings associated with loss
 Business Consultancy
 Coping with Illness/Disability
 Couples Work
 Depression
 Eating Disorders
 Family Work
 Gender Issues
 Mental Health Issues
 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
 Phobias
 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
 Relationship Issues
 Self-Harm
 Separation Issues
 Sexuality Issues
 Trauma Issues

What We Do

We represent over 300 family therapists on the island of Ireland, all of whom have successfully completed an FTAI Accredited training programme.

This accreditation is dependent on our members having gained their basic qualification in a full-time, three-year programme from a nationally-accredited third level educational institution, followed by a four year training in Family Therapy currently available in the Clanwilliam Institute and the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

These FTAI Accredited programmes consists of four essential components: Theory, Supervised Clinical Practice, Personal Professional Development and Research.