How to find out what a client wants in therapy? Narrative and Collaborative practices when working with client preferences.


 A 2 day workshop with Geir Lundby and Rolf Sundet.

Date: 22rd and 23rd October 2015

Venue: Clayton Silver Springs, Cork.

Cost: €150 or €75 per day.

This workshop is aimed at experienced Psychologists, Therapists, Social workers, Family Therapists or anyone who works therapeutically with individuals or families. CPD points are available for each day.

Day 1. Geir Lundby will present on his way of working and his use of narrative practices as developed by Michael White. At set interval’s in during the day Rolf Sundet will invite Geir into discussion about his practice and facilitate an exploration of the ideas that influence his practice.

Day 2. Rolf Sundet will present on his way of applying collaborative practices and Geir will invite Rolf into discussion and exploration of the ideas that influence his practice.

Geir Lundby is a highly-regarded Norwegian social worker and family therapist who was first introduced to Michael White’s work through Karl Tomm, in 1988. In 1989 he met Michael White and since then, he has been practicing narrative therapy with children, Adolessents and their families in out patient clinics in and around Oslo. Geir teaches narrative therapy extensively in Norway and internationally. He has translated Michael White’s books into Norweigan and though he writes mainly in Norweigan he has had a number of papers published in English including a recent article in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy. This is an exciting opportunity to hear from a highly skilled practioner and trainer.

Rolf Sundet Ph.d. is a Clinical Psychologist at the Ambulant Family Section, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Hospital of Buskerud and Associate Professor at the University of Buskerud and Vestfold. He is also a freelance supervisor and consultant. As writer in English he has published articles on outcome monitoring and the use of service user feedback, and co-authored “Self in Relationship. Perspectives on family therapy from developmental psychology” (Karnac) and he contributes to “Systems and Psychoanalysis. Contemporary integrations in family therapy” (Karnac). In addition he has published in Scandinavian journals and anthologies. His Ph.d is on the use of client feedback as a monitoring and conversational tool in family therapy practice.

To book at place or for further information please contact Keith Oulton, 4 Main Street, Innishannon, County Cork. Ph.087 1213163 or e mail oulton Payment by cheque or bank draft Payable to “Narrative Training.”

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5 3/4 CPD points awarded by the FTAI for each day