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Holiday Harmony: a guide for parents and teenagers

Holiday harmony: a guide for parents and teenagers Try to coordinate your and your teen’s expectations to make this a relaxing, stress-free summer Anne McCormack Irish Times Tue, Jul 14, 2015, 01:00 Few parents relish the long break from school that stretches ahead for their teenagers. Summer jobs are practically nonexistent these days, and unless […]

A week in my…Family Therapy Practice – KAREN LEONARD

A week in my . . . family therapy practice:  KAREN LEONARD ‘There’s a lot of expectations on families and parents to get things right’ Karen Leonard, family therapist: “There’s a lot of pressure on teenagers in terms of social media, the points system, their image and their sexuality.” Photograph: Brian Farrell Irish Times Tue, […]

Systemic Cafe on Statutory Registration 25th May 2015

  DATE FOR YOUR DIARY    Date:              25th May 2015    Time:             7.00pm – 9.00pm    Venue:           Hampton Hotel (formerly Sachs Hotel)                            19-29, Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, D.4 Topic:            How Statutory Registration might impact on membership of FTAI and the practice of members  employed within statutory sector, especially in circumstances where […]

Working with Adolescents in the Context of the Family

Crosscare Teen Counselling Working with Adolescents in the Context of the Family Road Maps and Toolkits: What works? The family, both absent and present, is a major influence on young people. Keeping both parents and teens in mind is a vital, challenging and exciting opportunity for those working with them. Mary Forrest and Fidelma Beirne […]

Why our partners matter most to us

Why our partners matter most to us Our most important relationships are not with blood relatives but with partners and friends Irish Times Sat, Mar 21, 2015,  Kate Holmquist In a stressful and fast-changing world, who do we rely on? The Family Values survey, conducted by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of The Irish Times, shows […]

Sex Crime Victims should be able to meet offenders – Report

  Criminal justice system ‘inherently ill-equipped’ to deal to sex crime challenges Facing Forward report says: “Victims recognise very quickly that an adversarial criminal justice system reduces them to being a witness for the State and gives them very little opportunity to explain the impact of the abuse on their lives.” Irish Times Ruadhán Mac […]

What are the different types of psychotherapy?

What are the different types of psychotherapy? Here’s a rough guide to the types of therapist that are available to you Irish Times Saturday, 10 January 2015 Kate Holmquist Wht are the different types of psychotherapy? Most psychotherapists these days shy clear of labels and many combine various approaches. However, there are five “modalities” of […]

Therapy Unlocked

Therapy unlocked: a guide to finding the right therapist for you There are thousands of therapists out there, but it’s not easy to assess their qualifications, particularly in the throes of a crisis. Here’s our guide to finding help   Irish Times, Saturday 10 January 2015 Kate Holmquist When you have reached that difficult moment […]

Irish Council for Psychotherapy CEO Position

Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Half-time contract for one year Application deadline: 19th December 2014   The Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) is the umbrella body that represents over 1,300 psychotherapists and the broadest range of psychotherapy modalities in Ireland. Our primary objective is to contribute to public health by encouraging […]

One Day Workshop with Jim Wilson

A Systemic Orientation to Keeping Practice Thriving with Families and their Networks   This event is co-sponsored by the Family Therapy Association of Ireland and University College Dublin (Family Therapy Training Programme, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital)   One Day Workshop With  Jim Wilson Date:                   5th December 2014 Venue:                Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8. Time:                   […]