A “Little Day” about Adoption


Friday, December 14, 2012 in Dublin:
UCD School of Applied Social Science :
Social Work Building : Room C001 10a.m. to 4p.m.
All About Adoption –
Search and Reunion, Opening of Closed Adoption and Open Adoption…How Many Families Does It Take To Make An Adoption?
This mini training/dialog is designed to provide all participants with a discussion of the current topics associated with adoption and complex blended families*, focusing on openness, search and reunion, and including the social media impact and sibling connections. The ‘little day’ will create discussion of the contrasting theories surrounding this wide topic, and the importance of advocacy in the world of adoption and complex blended families. It builds on the ‘first little day’ training held in March 2011.

For anyone
(professionals, birthparents and adoptive parents, adult adopted people, others)
who lives and works
in the world of adoption
and complex blended families*
Training is facilitated by
• Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, PACT (pre/post adoption consulting and training) in Cambridge, MA and New York and Lecturer in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (Joyce says that her best credential is that she is adopted)and
• Dr.Valerie O’Brien, from University College Dublin: an academic, researcher and a systemic practitioner . Her particular interests in child welfare are in adoption and in kinship care practices. She works clinically at the Clanwilliam Institute in Dublin
It is our hope to use these ‘Little Days’ to enhance the lives of everyone who works and lives in the world of adoption and complex blended families*.
Pre-registration requested.
40 euro for individuals and 60 euro for couples
Payable to Valerie O’Brien (PACT)
And we are happy to give partial scholarships to those that need it.
To Register, or for more information contact:
valerie.obrien@ucd.ie – Tel 087 2055523, martina.reidy@ucd.ie and/or kinnect@gmail.com
or Mary Limerick at /mlkinnect@gmail.com

* What do we mean by “complex blended families?”
• Root families are families where the mother and father who gave birth to the child are also parenting the child together…
• Complex families are every other type of family structure…
• Complex blended families are a blending of many families by adoption, fostering, kinship care, remarriage,