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What We Do

Family therapists work with the person(s) in the context of their whole lives and take into account a persons relationships, internal dialogue, history, work and social settings.

The aim is to assist the person, couple or family to come to their own satisfactory understandings or actions that will allow them to manage whatever issue troubles them.

While family therapists operate mostly on a brief therapy basis, many people choose medium to long-term therapy and it is common for people to re-connect for short periods at specific points in their lives.

The sessions are client led – and the therapist aims to engage the client in a conversation that offers the person, couple or family alternative stories or descriptions to the perhaps ‘stuck’ or ‘pathological’ one they currently find themselves in.

The current Executive Committee of the FTAI is as follows:

Executive Committee of the FTAI 2021

Samantha McGarry-                   Chairperson
Kate Daly-                                     Vice-Chair
Lana Galkovskaja-                       Treasurer

Deirdre Hayes

Denis Murray

Patricia Scully

Mary Moriarty

Donal Reilly

Dermot King

Sarah Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

What is couple and family therapy?

Systemic Family therapy incorporates individual, couple and family therapy. Family therapy is the most popularly recognised descriptive title for a body of practice and theory which continues to evolve and grow at an extraordinary rate. Family therapists are qualified to work with individuals, couples and families. It is an ecological approach that understands problems in the context of peoples lives. Therapists work collaboratively with clients and options are provided for different ways to respond and relate to problems.

How much time does it take?

Goals are usually achieved over a relatively small number of meetings with intervals of two to four weeks between appointments.

How much does it cost?

While the cost varies – it is usually between 60 to 100 euros per session (whether individual or couple) and lower cost can often apply to non-earners.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No. Self referral is completely acceptable

What problems are addressed in family therapy?

Family therapists are trained to deal with the full range of human problems – however some therapists have specialities and these can be viewed in the find a therapist section.

Who We Are

Family therapists or systemic therapists are specifically trained to work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Amongst psychotherapists, Family therapists are unique in the amount of specific couple and family training received.

Many therapists work with individuals and invite partners in for part of the therapy or indeed they might start with couple work and also include individual sessions as part of the therapy.

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Family Therapy Association of Ireland (FTAI) is the professional body that accredits and monitors family and couple therapists in Ireland. It accredits Therapists at registered and supervisor level and has a section for student and associate members.

FTAI is a full member of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy and also of the European Family Therapy Association. Many of the registered Family Therapists hold European accreditation and are thus qualified to work in European counties.

FTAI is a voluntary body. The association provides a code of ethics and a complaints procedure that all registered therapists sign up to and these are available for perusal on this website.

FTAI hosts an AGM once a year and offers many workshops for its members. It produces a journal ‘Feedback‘ a number of times a year and continues to be at the cutting edge of therapeutic issues both in Ireland and abroad.

Standards, Registration & Accreditation

Code of Ethics


Research & Studies

Executive Committe Members

Samantha McGarry-                   Chairperson
Mary Scully-                                 Vice-Chair
Lana Galkovskaja-                       Treasurer

Deirdre Hayes

Scott Ahearn

Patricia Scully

Maura Layden

Bruce Sleeman

Anne Richardson

Michael Flanagan

Kate Daly

FTAI Sub-Committees

  • Registration
  • PR and Communications
  • Irish Council of Psychotherapy
  • Workshops
  • Course Accreditation
  • EFTA
  • Ethics
  • Complaints
  • Students

About Us

The Family Therapy Association of Ireland FTAI is the professional organisation which represents family therapy and therapists in Ireland.

The FTAI is a registering body, with a code of ethics that sets professional standards in order to encourage and maintain best practice among therapists and provide clients and patients with the confidence and reassurance that their therapist is well-trained and experienced.

Rather than being a clinical organisation offering a therapy service ourselves, we act as a connection between those who seek the professional services of a family therapist and our membership of qualified, experienced, practicing therapists.

You can find out more about Who we are, What we do and read some of the common questions that people have.